Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Teh Meet and Greet

Here pretty soon CALS will be holding our WoW Meet and Greet program. In an attempt to boost interest and attendance for our regular programs, we’ve gone all out in promoting and preparing for this one day event. We’ve worked as closely as possible with our programming and PR departments to ensure everything is spot on. Our PR department has granted us the use of several digital billboards in Little Rock’s downtown area (picture to come), and our webmaster has been gracious enough to provide us a noticeable spot on the CALS website. Of course, we also have info on public calendars as well as a few pretty snazzy posters up over the library system.

I don’t know that we are ready to release specifics yet, both to keep interests piqued and because we are constantly coming up with new/improved ideas, but I will say we’ve got some dandy door prizes lined up, as well as goody bags with some epic WoW and library related loots. We will be providing snacks and beverages and enjoying different party games. A few laptops will be available for attendees to show off their toons.

The event itself will be in the Darragh Center at the Main Library on October 10th from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

We will try and continue posting as the more concrete plans unfold, as well as provide plenty of numbers/statistics afterwards for any of you keeping track. As always, feel free to email Bob or myself with any questions you might have.

For the Horde!
One of the digital billboards. Though it's rather hard to tell, it is quite large.

Friday, May 29, 2009

User Interface, Macros and Addons Program Resource Guide

User Interface
Customization of User Interface (UI) within the game using only the out-of-the-box options.
  • Streamlining In-Game Activities - Demonstration and explanation of features like Auto Loot, Auto Quest Text, Target of Target, etc.
  • Camera Options - Adjusting the point of view through which the game is viewed.
  • Action Bars - Activating, locking and hiding of extra action bars.
  • Chat Channels - Creating, joining, leaving and hiding private and public chat channels.
  • Key binding - Assigning actions to specific keys on the keyboard.


Customization designed to make in-game action easier through use of scripts and "slash commands" to combine multiple actions into one button. Macros can also be created to enhance game play in ways such as mouse-over targetting. I think I just heard some healers drooling.
Third-party software packages designed to alter the appearance of the UI, enhance or gather in-game data, and provide added functionality. Addons are software that require downloading and installation in the proper directory, so use at your own risk.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Player vs. Player Program Outline

In this program, participants will be using their own characters that they regularly play. The goal of the program is to get people talking about different aspects of Player vs. Player combat (PvP), exchanging tactics and info, comparing classes, etc.

For those unfamiliar with PvP in WoW, there are four different ways to go about destroying your opponent:
  1. Duels - One-on-one combat with another player. One player initiates by making a challenge, and the other player accepts. Once the duel starts, nobody can heal or otherwise assist dueling players; dueling players can self-heal. Duels are not to the death, but to submission.
  2. World PvP - A player activates their PvP "flag", making them vulnerable to attack by players of othe opposing faction. World PvP is not in any way controlled or scripted. There are World PvP events and goals that can grant bonuses to members of your faction if victorious.
  3. Battlegrounds - Controlled "instances" in which a set population of the Horde and Alliance factions are represented. Goals can vary between a king-of-the-hill type of game to a capture-the-flag game.
  4. Arena Matches - Players form a team of up to five members with friends. Teams are paired up, regardless of faction, in an arena "instance" and fight to the death.

The PvP nature of this program lends itself to being presented as a contest, and there will be a prize offered for the winner of this contest. Items were budgeted and ordered from J!nx and are stylishly adequate while not being too overtly nerdy.

Contest Details
  • Participants will compete in PvP in their own WoW realm for a fixed period of time.
  • The participant with the most honorable kills or duels/arena matches* won at the end of this time period will be the winner.
    *Duels and Arena Matches will count as four honorable kills for the purposes of this contest.