Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Load Test Complete

Library staff showed up in droves (if eight is a drove) to help test out the laptops and WiFi connection... but I suspect they were mostly interested in showing off their own l337 sky11z and knowledge. Such a good time was had that we might need to schedule more, uh, "staff training and development sessions". Of course, we have learned not to publish videos of such sessions thanks to our neighbors in Omaha.

For the record, I hadn't downloaded updates to the game in about a month, so the first half hour of the test involved patching. Only one computer crashed all night! Once everyone had settled in, game play moved along at a good pace. It is only a matter of time before our mild-mannered Youth Services Manager will be screaming "FOR THE HORDE!"

Pending confirmation from the Blizzard LAN Events and Location Based Entertainment Site License department, we have found that the 10-Day Free Trials might not work as well as we initially thought. The first three staff members to sign up for a trial account had no problems, however any attempt to create a trial account after that resulted in a curious error. Patrons registering for the programs scheduled for March 21 and March 28 have been advised to create a trial account prior to arrival at the library.

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