Friday, March 13, 2009

Mini-Raid: Event Details

  • Name; Server & Main Character info; How long have you played?
  • Use World of Warcraft Armory to look up participants' characters; show on the big screen. Get main character info during registration if possible.

Mini-Raid Details
  1. Pick a low population server before starting the program.
  2. Let patrons pick a starting location and/or race. Use original WoW races & classes to include participants playing on trial accounts. No Draenei, Blood Elves or Death Knights.
  3. Let patrons pick a target for raid. Prepare PowerPoint with targets' name, location, and description of role in the area.
    Lieutenant Benedict, Zalazane, Princess, Hogger, Vagash, Devlin Agamand, Supervisor Fizsprocket, Oakenscowl
  4. All participants now create new characters on pre-selected server. Form a group or raid, and spend time working together to get to level four. Emphasis is socialization and group dynamics.
  5. Upon reaching level four, all participants will meet back at starting location for socializing or a snack break as we wait for everyone else to catch up.
  6. Everyone ready, go out and attack the selected target(s) as a group.

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