Friday, April 3, 2009

Video Capturing/Editing

One of the programs we will attempt as the World of Warcraft series continues will be a basic tutorial on capturing and editing gameplay footage. It won't be as light as some of the other programs, seeing how it requires a little more advanced computer know-how. It does, however, seem a very promising addition to our series.

When searching the web for various WoW related topics one will inevitable come across a video or two. Whether it's a how-to for a particular boss, someone showing off their character, or a humorous music video, video capturing is one of the many ways people have managed to take the gameplay to the next level by implementing a little bit of their own creativity.

Due to time and complexity of the subect we will only cover some of the basics in video capturing and editing, but we hope to leave patrons with enough to take home and start their own amateur videos.

We've not yet begun the testing on this, but will begin in the near future as time permits. I've chosen Fraps as the video capturing program to be used, and Microsoft Movie Maker (XP/Vista) will be used to edit the footage. Both programs are free. Anyone with Microsoft Windows should have Movie Maker, and if not, it is available on the Microsoft site for free. The Fraps video capturing software has a free version that lacks the frills of the full version, but will be plenty for a novice user.

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